It's All Fun and Games offers custom workshops for Kids, Teens and Adults.  Our students enjoy fun and energetic Improvisational exercises which engage their social and comedic skills.  

Our classes are fun yet educational, and teach children and adults advanced interpersonal skills that can be applied in school among classmates, co-workers AND audiences.

Level  I:Introduction to Short-Form Improvisation(available to adults and teens)
Learn the basics of improvisation including the rules, games, confidence building  and teamwork.

Graduation Performance - Students will participate in a Level I completion performance.

Level II:Intermediate Short-Form Improvisation
Build on the foundation of skills taught in Level I,  learning additional games, plus tips and tricks to sharpen
​                             Graduation Performance - Students will participate in a Level II completion performance.

Level III:Advanced Short-Form Improvisation Shows
Students will form their very own "Short-Form Troupe", will work as a team to perform tighter games, and
                              will learn to host and run an entire show.

​                             Graduation Performance - Students will  participate in a Level III completion performance and will receive a
                              certificate of completion of the three-level program.

Additional Courses and Classes include, but are not limited to:
  • Sketch Writing
  • Character Creations
  • Perfecting spacial effects
  • Long form
  • .... and more !

For additional information, please contact us at  (203) 400-3369
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