Frank Tadaro.

Frank Todaro is a NYC based voice actor, actor and host of radio programs and live events.
Through voice overs, he has given life to characters such as Cam in Armauraders, Disney’s Buzz Lightyear and several leads in Sony’s “The Invizimals” franchise.
He recently voiced and operated the puppet "Sylvesticus" and built the puppet “Shoots” in the Children's Puppet television show ''Shagoolies".

Frank is also host of the award winning science and paranormal based radio program “The Invisible World” regularly interviewing guests from various disciplines associated with space flight and theoretical physics, offering a level playing field to both the hard sciences and the less widely accepted ones.

Frank has given lectures on various space related topics such as the New Horizons Probe at the 2014 Worlds Science Fair as well as appearing as a guest on The Science Channel's Sci-Fi Science: Physics of the Impossible with Michio Kaku, and has also given lectures on UFOs of the Victorian era, spirit photography and more at symposiums across the country.

Frank also acts as master of ceremonies to events such as “Yuri’s Night”, the annual party/symposium celebrating the first man in space and Space Frontier Foundation’s New Space gala. Through the show, he has covered a wide array of events that run the gamut from annual Maker Faire coverage to space launches as well as produce highly attended live show events in NYC gathering former guests to present and discuss related topics.

Frank has also been a member  of several long-form improv troupes including “Start Trekkin” for its 5-year mission, and has provided musical and lighting improv and announcer work for National Comedy Theatre and many other shows at The PIT and other locations around the city.
Currently Frank is assisting with the selection process in this years Teachers In Space competition alongside Deputy Chief Technologist for NASA Jim Adams and other space professionals.

Frank Todaro - Voice Work "Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom"
by Frank Todaro10 months ago

A sample of my voice work from the video game "Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom" (Sony, Magenta Software). I play the roles of Tigershark, Xiong Mao, Chupacabra, Neko Suke, Otomo and the Steel Invizim...