The Bijou Theatre


Where the comics walk on stage with nothing but their clothes and you design the show.
 The newly renovated Bijou Theatre boasts  94 theater seats and 102 cabaret seating. You can  enjoy the nights entertainment with snacks from the concession stand and drinks from the bar.

It's All Fun and Games offers  you the opportunity to become part of the show.

With audience participation,
the improvisers make it a night to remember. If you would like to learn more about improv comedy or our
performers please navigate through our site.

         The Bijou Theatre is located at 275 Fairfield Ave, Bridgeport, Ct 06604.
                ​ Tickets can be purchased by contacting the theater box office.

Tickets $17 for theater seating $20 for Cabaret seating Student ID $10


It’s All Fun and Games
Sat  Sept 23 7pm-10pm
​​location will be annouced on Facebook.

PAST  2016
Friday   July    8  @ 8pm​

Friday   June  10 @ 8pm
Friday    May    6 @ 8pm
​​​​​Friday    Mar   11 @ 8pm
Friday    Apr     8 @ 8pm​​

​Sat         Jan     9 @ 8pm
Friday    Feb   12 @ 8pm​​

​         2015
Friday Feb  13 @ 8pm
Friday Mar  20 @ 8pm​​
Friday Apr  24 @ 8pm​
Friday May 29 @ 8pm​
Friday Jun​  26 @ 8pm​​
Friday Aug   7  @ 8pm​

Friday Sept  4  @ 8pm​
​Friday Oct    2  @ 8pm​​
​Sat      Nov 14 @ 8pm
Friday Dec 11  @ 8pm​

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You can now find the funny in you. Contact us !